Gratitude and Giving Back

When I did my book signing at Lutheran Hospital in Indiana back on 6/27/14, I realized that there are many people that I could thank for being there for me when I was battling cancer.  While I was signing some of the nurses books, I honestly couldn’t find the words to show my appreciation for them.  I told them that words are not enough.  I’ll never forget how caring the nurses at Lutheran and Riley Hospital were during my battle with cancer.  I also will never forget the many other family, friends, and strangers that showed their support during a difficult time in my life.  I am very thankful for all those that helped me during my fight and will never forget how and supportive those people were.

The impact that people had on me inspired me to give back.  I’m at a time in my life where it’s my turn to give back.  Life isn’t just for us to take advantage of those who helped us along the way, but to give back and return the favor, or also called reciprocity.  We’re not in this life just for ourselves, but to lend a helping hand when someone else  is in need and to share the lessons we learned with others.  When that time comes where we need support and help, they’ll be someone there for us.

For all those that helped me and continue to be there in my  life, I just want to thank you all.  I’ll never forget and appreciate all that you do and continue to do.  Thank you.

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