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Life After Cancer

Life in itself is very unique to each person and every person has a story and their own experiences and upbringing.   When people go through a battle of cancer it’s no different.  There are many similarities between people’s experiences, but each person’s fight is different.   As a cancer survivor myself; I hear stories all the […]

Cancer Survivor Story

 Cancer Survivor Tonya This is a new series that I will continue to post on my blog for the next couple months Cancer Survivor Stories.  Supporting one another can get us a lot further than fighting ourselves.  If it wasn’t for the many people supporting me during my fight when I was a teen, I may […]

Faith or Fear

Which do you choose? Faith or Fear   I wrote a previous blog post on the topic of attitude.  Attitude also entails whether someone fears the worst and doubts the outcome or they actually face the adversity and have faith no matter the circumstance.  There’s nothing wrong with doubting and being a little fearful when […]


Have you ever had a time in your life where something was so hard to handle you needed someone to be there; someone to listen to your situation and understand?  I believe most people can say yes to that question.  One of the best things someone can do for another person in need of support […]

Life is an Adventure

Having overcome cancer and the battle that comes with it, made me realize how precious life can be.   Shortly after going through a very rough time in 1997, dealing with several side effects of chemotherapy and radiation; I had a new outlook on life.  I admired the little things in life and I appreciated life […]

Attitude is Everything

 Attitude is everything. Anything in life, especially trials and adversities, start with attitude. How will you face your Goliath? The tone we set will affect the ultimate outcome. How many of you have ever experienced any trial where it seemed bigger than life itself? All is not lost though. When I first heard the words […]

Homeward Bound

My first blog post comes at a great time.  My wife and I are going back to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to not only visit friends and family, but also to do a book signing at Lutheran Children’s Hospital.  Several weeks ago I made contact with a business connection I had in Ft. Wayne.  I briefly […]