Attitude is Everything

 Attitude is everything.

Anything in life, especially trials and adversities, start with attitude. How will you face your Goliath? The tone we set will affect the ultimate outcome. How many of you have ever experienced any trial where it seemed bigger than life itself? All is not lost though. When I first heard the words cancer when I was 15, I was flooded with emotions of anger, sadness, and fear. It was definitely scary at first, but my mom always taught me to keep my head up regardless of the situation.

Another thing that helped me get through cancer and other areas of life besides a positive attitude, was faith. While going through cancer when I was younger, I started to turn to God in prayer.  I found out, I wasn’t the only one praying for my situation, but also family and strangers.  I did my best to have good pose and faith in the situation I was in. Those times were anything but easy, and I had my doubts at times about what the future was going to be, but I ultimately defeated cancer. Facing a tragedy such as cancer; it made me realize how important your perspective is in every situation in life.  I also realized that faith also has a major impact on what attitude you have. Doubting the outcome and expecting the worst, is stemmed from an attitude one sets. If you set yourself up for failure before the fight, you’re already defeated.  Attitude is everything; and it can set the tone for the storm that you are facing.  Make sure to stay positive in any battle you are facing, so you can defeat the giant that’s in your path.

What Goliath’s are you facing? Do you have the right attitude to resolve the situation?

attitude is everything

attitude is everthing



Attitude is Everything

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  1. No pain No gain. Be focus and be positive and study about the disease and you will overcome it.

    Joe Mcgill November 13, 2014 at 6:15 am #

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