America the Beautiful

Being an American is something to be proud of.  We have the freedom to express our beliefs and make the most of our opportunities giving to us.  We have a melting pot of culture and opportunity to learn from one another.

Being an American also means that we all must work together to keep our freedoms intact and not just doing things out of greed, politics, popularity, or fear.  I’ve noticed the division that’s happening right under our nose to attack each other instead of working at the common goal of what our country stood for.

Our country was founded by Godly men, but lately it seems like government want nothing to do with Godly things and only wanting to please their political agenda.  Being an American means standing by what our country stood for and working hard for the American people.  Being an American doesn’t mean to want just what’s best for ourselves and our selfish desires, but what’s best to make America better for everyone.   It means hard work and sacrifice for our brothers and sisters who live here.  It doesn’t mean continuously pointing the finger at someone else, but each person being responsible for doing their best to contribute.

We are only free in America because those that have sacrificed and worked tirelessly for them.  It’s time for us to get back to the roots of America and fight to make it great for everyone.  America the Beautiful.  It can still exist, but we each have to do our part for everyone.  Happy 4th of July America!!




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