Facing my Goliath Book

The true story of Lonnie Fowler’s journey of overcoming the battle of childhood cancer.  All copies purchased on website will be personally signed by author.


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What people think of Facing My Goliath

I have known Lonnie for almost 15 years now.  You won’t find a better book about over coming your goliath when it comes to overcoming your cancer.”

This book will pertain to anything you may have going on in your life. Yes, it is Lonnie’s story about a particular time in his life, but we all have “Goliath’s” we face. Thank you so much for sharing your story and opening my eyes to other things that have been on my heart. The book reads very well and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

This is a must read. Very uplifting and motivational. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and will be sharing this with friends and family.”

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